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Recent Fiction

An Ancient Ritual

Whetstone #3

A tale of sorcery and demons. Featuring my recurring S&S character Yolandi.

Viral Advertising

Tales from the Cyber Salon

A tale about a high street hero taking on big business.

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The Pier Station

Railroad Tales

A tale of the haunted ruins of a seaside railroad.

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Hailing from the English West Midlands, George was fortunate to be raised by people who loved to read and explore the outdoors. He spent a lot of his youth drawing maps, climbing trees and poring over fantasy books. He has worked in a variety of fields, from oil & gas to public transport. He lives with his wife and pets.

George is a big fan of genre fiction, whether it’s 19th century gothic, modern space opera, or pulp sword and sorcery. His favourite writers include Robert E Howard, Frank Herbert, Jack Campbell, David Gemmell and Alastair Reynolds. George writes mainly in the fantasy and horror genres.

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Online Fiction

I occasionally share stories online. You can read most of them collected on Royal Road, or download a free ebook from Smash Words.

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